About us

The Digital Office Cloud was built on the idea that you shouldn’t need to sign up to lots of different software providers just to perform normal day to day functions of your business. Many businesses have one piece of software for sales, another for job management, another for HR, etc etc.

At The Digital Office Cloud, we consolidate the functions of all these lone providers into one robust, easy to use package, saving you time and money.

Why use the Digital Office Cloud?

  • 1
    Centrally Managed Platform
  • 2
    Collaboration Between Business Units
  • 3
    Build Efficient Processes
  • 4
    Cost Effective Software Consolidating
  • 5
    Secure Collaboration Access
  • 6
    Monitor Live Cost and Sales Data
  • 7
    Mobile Platform for Remote Users
  • 8
    Increased Productivity

Security Features

  • 1
    Securely Hosted on Microsoft Azure with a guaranteed 99.95% Uptime
  • 2
    Microsoft 365 Authentication for secure Sign-In
  • 3
    Annual Penetration Testing by Certified Third-Party
  • 4
    Security Drive
    (SSL & TLS 1.2, Data Encryption, Firewall using MFA)
Digital office Cloud